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    Int8, Int16, Int32, Int64 vs Int1, Int2, Int4, Int8

    tree-like keyword is innovative! also have some idea here. so far best imo is like rust, U8 I32, but if one'd think they look ugly under global namespace, what about putting those under T., like T.U8? also to note some, T.I8x16 for simd, T.F_1_8_7??? for some custom format like bfloat16 (since...
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    some idea about string

    about string concatenation: restrict to string interpolation, simply no "concatenation operator"? '{a}{b}', 'a = {a}' it also implies all elements are to be converted to string. some further nitpick on "commutativity": floating point arithmetic is noncommutative either because of how it...