some idea about string


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about string concatenation:
restrict to string interpolation, simply no "concatenation operator"?
'{a}{b}', 'a = {a}'
it also implies all elements are to be converted to string.
some further nitpick on "commutativity": floating point arithmetic is noncommutative either because of how it works....

about raw/long string literal:
to me, “” ‘’ are definitely typographically nice to have. but the workaround on absorbing unfortunately look confusing again...
how do you think about lua-styled raw string (or that-flavored escaping scheme)?

i also have an immature idea about multiline (and possibly nested) string, that "looks even better", also more python-flavor, since you used prefix "|":
V str = |First line.
        |Second line.
        |V str = | nested
        |        | haha // trailing line terminator
        |        |
        |        // but not for this
i'm also interested in the deep corners of lexical things of programming languages. your design inspired me a lot, and here's just some of my broken idea for hopefully your inspiration. cheers!
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