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Is GCC 8 strictly needed? Or does it only need any version more recent than 8?
If it's the latter I don't think should check if there's GCC 8 installed, especially when current version of GCC (stable) is 10.2

Probably it should check if AT LEAST GCC 8 is installed.

Right now it's doing
if os.system('g++-8 --version > /dev/null') != 0:
os.system('g++-8 ...')
I'm not exactly good with GNU utilities so probably there's a better way to do it, but what about:

if os.system("g++ -dumpversion | awk '{print \"8\\n\"$1}' | sort -V | awk 'NR==1 && $1!=8{exit(1)}'") != 0:
os.system('g++ ...')
Basically it sorts with -V option the following 2 lines
and if after the sort the first line becomes $actual_gcc_version then it means that you don't have gcc 8 or later installed.


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Probably it should check if AT LEAST GCC 8 is installed.
I agree.
(The current code was written for primary testing only, and it certainly needs to be improved.)

I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed [on Virtual Machine], and despite the fact that I have installed GCC-8, the g++ and gcc refers to the GCC 7.4.0, therefore g++-8 is used instead of g++.

I modified, and now:
1. If g++ version is 8 or higher, g++ is used.
2. It tries g++-8, g++-9, g++-10, etc. in a loop, and use the first GCC version found.

[New can be downloaded from here.]
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